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Welcome to Me109 site to which we can store and manage information and enjoy the game of Day of Defeat

Donations have been disabled until further notice.    

Server Rules

Play nice - Don't abuse other players, don't use the voice or chat for long personal rants or to spew forth Rap lyrics. Be courteous, it's a game and people are there to have fun, not be the target of abuse 

Racism - In any form will not be tolerated. period. Don't try to get cute, it wont help. 

Courtesy - Will be maintained in names and language. Names involving genitals, obscene topics, or racism won't be allowed. Admins will tell you to change the name if it isn't up to spec, and will kick you if you don't. 

Spawncamping - Won't be tolerated. Also, the definitions of spawn camping will be solely the Admins job. If the admin tells you something is spawn camping, it is- and all the lawyering in the world won't change it. 

Exploits - Bugs, and other map abuses won't be allowed. This includes but is not limited to quickswitching, spec hacking' or any other abuse of map flaws or game screw-up. Again, Admins make that call, so don't argue that. High pings- lag the server. Therefore, if your ping rises past 300, either leave or the Admin will kick you. 

We like team play -  The whole idea of the game is to be part of a team. Therefore, attempt to play as a group, rather than disassociated individuals. There is always room for individual achievement, but don't do it at the cost of the rest of your team!

Don't Block - This means, don't move into a doorway that others need to get through, don't block spawn exits so your team can't get out, and don't get into a doorway and go AFK. All of these will get you kicked, at the very least. 

Hacks - cheats, aim bots, speed hacks, etc. won't be allowed. We catch you, we ban you. 

Admins - Have first, last, and only call on server rules. We'll amend these as we need to, but if an admin says it, do it.