Amx Menu Commands


(really helpfull if you bind keys to the ones you use)

amx_kickmenu - displays kick menu

amx_banmenu - displays ban menu

amx_slapmenu - displays slap/slay menu

amx_teammenu - displays team menu

amx_clcmdmenu - displays client commands menu

amx_cmdmenu - displays commands menu

amx_cfgmenu - displays menu with configs

amx_speechmenu - displays speech menu

amx_shrike_control - Opens Shrike Bot Control Menu

amx_cvarmenu - displays cvars menu

amxmodmenu - display all above menus


Console commands are entered into the console like this:

amx_<command> <option1> <option2> [option3]

Required options are shown with <>, optional parameters are shown with []. Do not actually type <> or [].

To view in-game command help, use this in the console:


admin Commands

Command Format Access Description

amx_kick <name or #userid> [reason] ADMIN_KICK Kicks a player.

amx_ban <name or #userid> [reason] ADMIN_BAN Bans a player.

amx_addban  <authid or ip> <minutes> [reason] ADMIN_BAN Adds a ban to the server banlist.

amx_unban <authid or ip> ADMIN_BAN Unbans a player.

amx_slay <name or #userid> ADMIN_SLAY Slays a player.

amx_slap <name or #userid> [damage] ADMIN_SLAY Slaps a player for variable damage.

amx_leave <tag> [tag1] [tag2] [tag3] ADMIN_KICK Kicks all players not wearing one of the tags.

amx_pause ADMIN_CVAR Pauses or unpauses the game.

amx_who ADMIN_ADMIN Displays who is on the server.

amx_cvar <cvar> [value] ADMIN_CVAR Changes or displays a cvar value.

amx_map <mapname> ADMIN_MAP Changes map.

amx_nick <original name> <new name> ADMIN_LEVEL_A Changes Users Name.

amx_cfg <filename> ADMIN_CFG Executes a server-side config file.

amx_rcon <rcon command line> ADMIN_RCON Executes a command on the server console.

amx_plugins ADMIN_ADMIN Lists all loaded plugins.

amx_modules ADMIN_ADMIN Lists all loaded modules.

Chat Commands

Command Format Access Description

amx_say <message> ADMIN_CHAT Sends a message to all players through normal say.

amx_chat <message> ADMIN_CHAT Sends a message to all admins through normal chat.

amx_psay <name or #userid> <message> ADMIN_CHAT Sends a private message to a player.

amx_tsay <color> <message> ADMIN_CHAT Sends a left side HUD message to all players.

amx_csay <color> <message> ADMIN_CHAT Sends a center HUD message to all players.

Vote Commands

Command Format Access Description

amx_votemap <map> [map] [map] [map] ADMIN_VOTE Starts a vote for a map.

amx_votekick <name or #userid> ADMIN_VOTE Starts a vote to kick a player.

amx_voteban <name or #userid> ADMIN_VOTE Starts a vote to ban a player.

amx_vote <question> <answer1> <answer2> ADMIN_VOTE Starts a custom poll.

amx_cancelvote ADMIN_VOTE Cancels the last poll in progress.

Stats Commands

Command Description

say /hp Displays information about your killer.

say /statsme Displays your stats.

say /stats Displays other players' stats.

say /top15 Displays the top 15 players.

say /rank Displays your rank on the server.

Say Commands

Command Description

say nextmap Displays the next map in the mapcycle.

say timeleft Displays the time left in the map.

say thetime Displays the current time.

Menu Commands

Note: ACCESS_LEVEL_A is not "a", it is "m". See Access Levels.

Command Accesss Description

amxmodmenu ADMIN_MENU Displays the main AMX Mod X menu.

amx_cvarmenu ADMIN_CVAR Displays the CVAR menu.

amx_mapmenu ADMIN_MAP Displays the map change menu.

amx_votemapmenu ADMIN_MAP Displays the map voting menu.

amx_kickmenu ADMIN_KICK Displays kick menu.

amx_banmenu ADMIN_BAN Displays ban menu.

amx_slapmenu ADMIN_SLAY Displays slap/slay menu.

amx_teammenu ADMIN_LEVEL_A Displays team switch menu.

amx_clcmdmenu ADMIN_LEVEL_A Displays client commands menu.

amx_cmdmenu ??? Displays server commands menu.

amx_restmenu ADMIN_CFG Displays weapon restriction menu.

amx_teleportmenu ADMIN_CFG Displays teleport menu.

amx_pausecfgmenu ADMIN_CFG Pause/unpause plugins with menu.

amx_statscfgmenu ADMIN_CFG Displays stats configuration menu.

amx_cfgmenu displays configs menu


amx_menu displays menus available to client

amx_plugincmdmenu  displays the plugin command menu

amx_plugincvarmenu  displays the plugin cvar menu

amx_speechmenu displays speech menu