Deags Map Manager Configurations

TYPE  dmap_status to see current settings:


dmap_banlastmaps <N> (Default: 4) (Range: 0-100) Ban the last <N> maps played from being voted

dmap_cyclemode Disable Voting (To restore voting use dmap_votemode)

dmap_default Restore settings to default

dmap_freeze (Default for CS: ON) Toggle on/off freeze (only available in CS)

dmap_mapsnum <N> (Default: 5) (Range: 2-8) How many maps will be in the next vote

dmap_mapsurl <URL|none> Specify what website to get custom maps from (v3.25+: Must start with http://, https://, ftp://, or www.)

dmap_maxcustom <N> (Default: 5) (Range: 0-8) Maximum custom maps that can be nominated by all players

dmap_messages <N> (Default: 3) (Range: 2-20; v3.25+: 2-60) (in minutes) Interval between display of messages

dmap_nominations <N> (Default: 3) (Range:0-3; v3.25+: 0-8) Maximum nominations that a user can make

dmap_quietmode <OFF|NOSOUND|SILENT> (Default: OFF) Configure messages: OFF=Sound/text, NOSOUND=Text, SILENT=Minimal text

dmap_rtvpercent <N> (Default:60) (Range: 3-100) at least this percentage of players have to "rockthevote"

dmap_rtvplayers <N> (Default:1) (Range: 1-32) This many players have to rockthevote for the vote to start. Note both conditions have to be met: #players, and Percent.

dmap_rtvtoggle (Default: ON) Enable/disable ability of players to rockthevote. Note that Admins with ADMIN_DMAP can still use dmap_rockthevote to force a vote.

dmap_rtvwait <N> (Default: 10; v3.25+: 5) (Range: 0-60) Minutes before rockthevote will be accepted. (This does not apply when mp_timelimit = 0.)

dmap_votemode Enable voting; default

amx_emptymap (Default: "de_dust2") The map used by by the amx_staytime CVAR (CVAR loaded when needed)

amx_extendmap_max (Default: 90) (in minutes) Max total time a map can be extended (CVAR loaded as needed)

amx_extendmap_step (Default: 15) (in minutes) Time added to extend current map (CVAR loaded as needed)

amx_idletime (Default: 5) (in hours) How long a player can be connected to the server before being considered idle (CVAR loaded once per map)

amx_show_activity (Default: 2) For certain admin actions: 0=Show nothing, 1=Show message, 2=Show message and name (CVAR loaded as needed)

amx_staytime (Default: 300) (in seconds) How long before changing the map to amx_emptymap if the server is empty (CVAR loaded once per map)

amx_vote_answers (No default set by plugin) Enable(1)/disable(0) publicly showing each user's vote (CVAR loaded as needed)

dmap_strict (Default: 0) Enable(1)/disable(0) restricting nominations to maps in the mapcycle (CVAR loaded as needed)

emptymap_allowed (Default: 0) Enable(1)/disable(0) using a specific map when the server is empty (CVAR loaded as needed)

enforce_timelimit (Default: 0) Change map STRICTLY on timelimit, when this is set to 1 (CVAR loaded as needed)

(If there are less than 2 active players, the time limit will always be enforced.)

mp_chattime (No default set by plugin) (Range: 1-120 seconds) ...

mp_timelimit (No default set by plugin) (in minutes) Time between map changes (CVAR loaded as needed)

nominations_allowed (Default: 1) Enable(1)/disable(0) accepting nominations (CVAR loaded as needed)

weapon_delay <0|1> (Default: 1) Enable(1)/disable(0) "Waiting for vote to allow buying of weapons" (CVAR loaded as needed)

Current Settings: