Access Levels

Access Levels

These access levels are the default access levels for the base AMX Mod X plugins. 3rd party plugins may have different usages for them, although in general users try to stick to the intentions for each flag.

Access Flag Purpose

a immunity (can't be kicked/baned/slayed/slaped and affected by other commmands)

b reservation (can join on reserved slots)

c amx_kick command

d amx_ban and amx_unban commands

e amx_slay and amx_slap commands

f amx_map command

g amx_cvar command (not all cvars will be available)

h amx_cfg command

i amx_chat and other chat commands

j amx_vote and other vote commands

k access to sv_password cvar (by amx_cvar command)

l access to amx_rcon command and rcon_password cvar (by amx_cvar command)

m custom level A (for additional plugins)

n custom level B

o custom level C

p custom level D

q custom level E

r custom level F

s custom level G

t custom level H

u menu access

z user (no admin)

Connection Flags

These flags control how AMX Mod X attempts to authorize a connecting admin.

Connection Flag Purpose

a disconnect player on invalid password

b clan tag

c this is steamid/wonid

d this is ip

e password not checked (only name/ip/steamid needed)