MemberShip - [Me109] is an invite only clan. Play have fun and interact.  We are not impressed by your scores. 

Play nice - Don't abuse other players, don't use the voice or chat for long personal rants or to spew forth Rap lyrics. Be courteous, it's a game and people are there to have fun, not be the target of abuse

Play well other in Game - Don't show us your awesome clan skills with Kill to Death ratio.  Please leave.. or be subject to Ban. 

Plugins - Prison Plugin -  the "USE" default "E key" can be use to sneak up and capture you enemy.   It forces enemy to lose weapons and you can carry them around map.  

Parachute - Parachute Plugin -  the "USE" default "E key" can be use to open parachute while in air. 

Donations - Donations are currently disabled

Bind Commands